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Deep brain stimulation is a surgical procedure that offers a life-time of beneficial therapy. DBS is not experimental for Parkinson’s, Tremor or Dystonia. Once activated, continuous stimulation to specific brain areas is known to improve specific symptoms over many years.

This site is offered to bring awareness, education and advocacy for people living with or interested in DBS world-wide and is managed by Sierra Farris, an expert DBS medical provider that has managed over 1000 people with DBS since the year 2000 accumulating thousands of hours adjusting stimulation, a national DBS trainer and mentor, DBS researcher and member of a DBS surgical team in Colorado.

Disclaimer: The content on this blog is but one source of information about deep brain stimulation and long-term care. This site is for educational use only and does not replace the recommendations from your personal physician or healthcare provider. Contact your medical doctor or licensed medical provider for specific questions about you, your care or treatment recommendations.


Giving pause to super early DBS – Read why experts don’t rush a good thing!

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A Day in the Operating Room

4:30 a.m. The morning starts early for a DBS case. The hospital feels like a ghost town but there is a lot of activity happening in the surgical preparation area. There are many tasks to complete before the surgery starts. The nurses are eager to move things along and excited knowing what the day means for …

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